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1390-1353 B.C. : Reign of Amenhotep III. Period of wealth and stability; Amenhotep III builds more monuments than any king before him.
1353 B.C. : Amenhotep IV becomes pharaoh
1353-1348 B.C. : Temples at Karnak in Thebes. Amenhotep IV builds huge temples to the god Aten, the light within the sun's disk.
1348 B.C. : Founding of city at Amarna. Amenhotep IV changes his name to Akhenaten "He Who is Effective for Aten." Designates Aten sole god of Egypt. Found Akhetaten, city dedicated to his new god.
1348-1336 B.C. : Reign of Akhenaten at Amarna. Rapid construction of city. Akhenaten initiates campaign against the god Amen, erasing his name from inscriptions throughout Egypt.
1336 B.C. : Death of Akhenaten. Identity of successor unclear. Nefertiti may have ruled briefly as pharaoh.
1332-1322 B.C. : Reign of Tutankhamen. Tutankhaten changes his name to Tutankhamen. Restores worship of Amen, re-instates Thebes and Memphis as religious and political capitals of Egypt.
1322-1319 B.C. : Reign of Ay.  Ay, formerly Commander of Chariotry, assumes throne after death of Tutakhamen.
1319-1292 B.C. : Reign of Horemheb. Horemheb, a military commander under Tutankhamen, becomes pharaoh. Erases images of Akhenaten and Aten. Dismantles Akhenaten's buildings to build his own monuments.

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