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Reading fragments Talatat puzzle The Amarna style
Reading Fragments - Boston Archaeology

Most of the reliefs, paintings, and statues from Akhenaten's city survive only in fragments.  An Egyptologist has to be able to recognize all kinds of clues--a crown, a face, a symbol, a tool--in order to guess who is represented, what he or she is doing, and even what time period the object comes from. Of course, the more fragments you find, the more information you have.

Imagine you’re an archaeologist in the year 2999.  Click on each of these fragments.  What pieces of information could each of these fragments--by itself--give you about the person represented? (Of course, your answers depend on how much of an expert you are on Boston in 1999!)

fragment 1 - number 5
fragment 2 - gloved hands
fragment 3 - red sox on clothing fragment 4 - profile
fragment 5 - patch

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