My teaching...

is multidisciplinary: involving literature, history, art, archaeology, film, and technology
empowers students to be not merely consumers of information but also producers of knowledge, by incorporating student-initiated projects, active-learning activities, and experiential learning and field trips.
deeply engages primary sources in order to provide a critical, analytical, and historical study of religion
requires attention to different theoretical approaches and methods
addresses the challenges of understanding antiquity in a world oriented to the present by exploring historical continuities between the past and the present, as well as by interrogating modern concepts (such as gender, social class, race, etc.) by examining the past

Kom El Dikka, Alexandria: Schoolroom

Ancient classroom in
Kom el Dikka, Alexandria.
Source: Schroeder, 2008.
Current courses


Religion of the Pharaohs

Examines the religious beliefs and practices of ancient Egyptians as well as the repreesentation of ancient Egypt in popular culture. Spring 2016.

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Christian Tradition

Explores history, literature, and culture of Christianity, with a focus in early Christianity. Spring 2016.

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Recent courses

Introduction to New Testament

An introduction to the history and literature of Christian origins, with particular attention to its Jewish and Greco-Roman origins. Fall 2015 version.

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Introduction to Digital Humanities

An introduction to digital and computational methods to investigate Humanities questions, digital publication of Humanities research, and critical interrogation of the role of technology in society. Fall 2015.

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Pacific Seminar 1

The first-year seminar at the University of the Pacific, with a common syllabus across all sections plus customized assignments from individual faculty. My section includes blogging and using digital tools, such as Zotero.

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Ancient Greek

First-year ancient Greek language class.

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Women and Christianity

Examines women in Christian history and literature as well as the construction of ideal models of womanhood and gender roles in Christian traditions.

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The Deep Archive

Syllabi, descriptions, websites, and course evaluations for courses taught at Duke University (2000), Elon University (2001-2), Ithaca College (2002-4), Stanford University.

Courses: Religion of the Pharaohs, Egypt of the Pharaohs, Early Christianity, World Religions, Marriage and Sexuality in the New Testament, Paganism in the Roman Empire, and Race, Gender, and the Art of Survival.

Note: materials in these courses have been adapted from materials from Susan Harvey, Ann Burlein, and others mentioned on the course websites. Material is not for commercial use.

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